About Us

Our Message!

A message from Gerald & Geraldine - our gerberas (members of the daisy & sunflower family), representing light & colour, just like the sun & the colour wheel. 

Animated Yellow Gerberas


Simply - it's FUN & it is apart of who we are! We like to bring a smile to the day with clever or interesting designs & colour. It is a delight to share what we know and to make a difference in people's lives.

Our Values

We believe in integrity, optimism & enthusiasm in everything we undertake. We place our customer/client at the forefront of what we do. This helps define how we do business. We seek to offer fairness in costing, sincerity in our care and trust in our delivery. We always endeavour to provide consistency, balance & harmony in our solutions. We are confident in producing excellent results, with a positive, 'can do' attitude.

Our Vision

For all to rediscover their inner-child, to learn how they can express individualism, communicate their message and be empowered. 

Our Mission

Through training, education and implementation of effective and exciting design & colour solutions, we will help deliver individuality to homes, businesses and people.


Harmony Ridge Colours is a division of Harmony Ridge Designs that specialises in Personal Colour Analysis.


Harmony Ridge Designs provides a practical approach to design, working closely with the client to meet both functional and creative needs, taking into consideration financial constraints. We provide the same approach to personal colour analysis and have taken the time to develop four packages for the individual in order to help our clients understand colour and how it directly affects them.

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We also provide training - TALK COLOUR with HARMONY workshops, looking at specific areas of colour (HOME | BUSINESS | YOU). Check our training options for details. Through appreciating colour for ourselves and how it influences us, we are then better equipped to understand colours in the world around us and in our home and work environments. Please check out Harmony Ridge Designs to discover our other services in design and colour.